Visier at HR Tech 2022 Conference

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Visier is a people analytics solution and HR data visualization tool. Provides the world's leading enterprises with a unified picture of their workforce data.

About the event: HR Tech is the industry’s leading independent event for a quarter of a century. It delivers an unrivaled cutting-edge agenda that benefits HR and IT professionals from businesses of all sizes, all industries and across the globe.

Project overview: Visier always has a presence at this event and for fall 2022, had a very large, 40′ by 40′ booth. The Visier team was responsible for assembling the booth design, video and printed advertisements throughout the conference center, a exclusive evening event, presentations and speakers over the course of the week and many other design and marketing deliverables. With months of prep work, the team designed and planned an outstanding experience.

Microsite: The first asset to launch to provide additional information that email, social and other marketing efforts pointed to. The challenge with this asset was to align leadership with the theme. Working in tandem with that decision, we set on a "globe" theme that would match the glowing orbs that would be one of the visual features of the booth. This in turn tied in with the tagline or theme of "The Global Leader in People Analytics".

Booth design: Featured 6 glowing monoliths with custom wrapped graphics. Hold screens that matched the landing page experience. Helped art direct and project manage the hero animation for the back wall in addition to the moving overhead sign.

Event banners: Multiple banner placements throughout the conference center. The team wanted to feature real customers for the escalator graphics and featured our specific event look and feel for the hallway banners.

Customized booth swag: The booth featured screen printing machines that were producing custom printed tote bags. You could pick a tote color and from two design options then the screen print element would be done live at the booth.

Results: This was a very successful event for Visier. With a constant flow of people, the team was able to capture leads for over a hundred target accounts. Made a huge impact on the trade show floor. Visier was by and far the most sophisticated and polished booth of any.

Take aways for me were:

Exercising the ability to work on multiple touch points at the same time.

Balancing multiple timelines for deliverables, often out of order than would be my ideal workflow.

Keeping tight with the art direction, two additional designers were supporting the event along with various vendors.

Excellent collaboration with all involved.

Opportunity to push, expand and build the visual brand for Visier.