PicMonkey Product Release

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PicMonkey offers powerful photo editing and design tools created for everyone, from image-making novices to pros. It’s a subscription based desktop program with a free mobile app. A PicMonkey subscription unlocks your entire workflow—create images with effects, editing tools, templates, graphics, touch up tools, textures, frames, and fonts. Featured is the integrated marketing campaign announcing the draw tool release for PicMonkey.

Research and brainstorm: Aligned with marketing, product, dev, and UX design to understand the best way to showcase this new tool. This was a highly requested product feature by our users so was an exciting and fun feature to release. The overarching goal of the marketing effort was to encompass the power of the tool, bring excitement and inspiration and also to spread awareness the feature was now available. As with all product releases, the overall team took part in researching what other design and marketing tools offered this product feature. I specifically was looking at how our competitors were representing this specific tool on any marketing efforts and also in-product coach marks or other visual representations. Working with the product and marketing teams, I was able to identify what the key part of the tool they thought was most important to show based off user request and what made us stand apart from other tools.

Process and ideation: I found inspiration across the web that helped me create use cases and provide trending styles that would inspire current users and attract potential users. When designing the use cases that would be featured in these marketing efforts, I sought to show sophisticated examples of what a more advanced user would make for their own marketing efforts, ads, for social accounts, etc. This was a self managed project from start to finish keeping in tight step with all teams to be sure to coordinate campaign with product launch.

Results: Engaging and colorful integrated marketing campaign that generated much excitement for PicMonkey power users, and provided additional compelling uses cases to convert potential users.