REI Seasonal Email Campaign

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Overview: Each of REI’s seasonal campaigns had a specific strategy, look, and feel. This was the second year of their Let’s Camp themed summer campaign. Each year they featured specific camper personas with products and brands tied to each. We would typically meet onsite at REI to launch the series and have their team walk us through the campaign guide book that featured specific textures, colors, badges, image style, etc. as well as share the goals of the upcoming series.

Process: Traditional agency creative process, working with project managers, art directors, and copy writers to produce the assets. Each individual email had it’s own kickoff in which both our team and REI’s team set expectations, made sure we had aligned goals, had the assets needed, and answered any questions. Typically two, possibly three rounds of creative review before finalizing and passing off to our dev team.

Results: This series performed well for them, as it had the year prior. They were happy clients and featured the same Let's Camp theme the following year.