PIA People Intelligence Alliance

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The People Intelligence Alliance is a community of business leaders committed to advocating for, and educating on, the ethical and effective use of people data.

Project goals: People Intelligence Alliance believes there is a gap at the heart of business that is costly in both human and financial terms and they call it the People Impact Gap. This gap exists because most companies haven’t mastered the effective and ethical use of people data. Their mission is to close the People Impact Gap, bringing positive change to employers and employees. The project goal was to illustrate this in the form of a landing page with visuals to support their messaging.

Project summary: PIA wanted this page to give strong visual indicators of the People Impact Gap in various forms. One way solution was to feature a chart with the technical details and show an illustrated chasm as a metaphor to the issue. For the hero and additional imagery on the page, lifestyle photography was featured with iconography and small callouts to either side of the issue, with a loud, red graphic to indicate the People Impact Gap.

In addition to the imagery, I reworked the flow of content on the page to condense the scroll length. This included cutting and combining sections, and introducing icons to flow content left to right versus stacking top to bottom. The stakeholders were pleased with the results and excited to have their ideas illustrated in a visual way.



People Intelligence Alliance